Sweet Run Portland 2015

A team for The Cupcake Girls

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This campaign already ended. We hope you like the results!

$16,505 raised of $50,000
($13,882 online, $2,623 offline)

Join The Cupcake Girl Portland for our ‘Sweet Run’ on May 17th as part of the Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon Series.


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Amy-Marie Merrell

Amy and Parents raise money for their favorite non-profit The Cupcake Girls Portland!

$3,205 46


Amanda Harman Mitch Myser

Amanda Harman & Mitch Myser are raising funds for The Cupcake Girls Portland

$2,089 48


Kaitlyn Winn

Kaitlyn's Rock and Rollin!

$2,000 30


Emily Martin

Emily Martin and Guy Wallman Sweet Run 2015

$1,885 25


Melissa Blount

Sweet Run 2015

$1,617 49


Estera Murzea

Esti Murzea's 2015 Sweet Run

$1,580 22


Katie Elze

Katie's Sweet Run 2015

$1,030 24


Kevin Underwood

Sweet run 2015

$1,000 13


Stephanie Cooke

Grace and Stephanie's Sweet Run 2015

$910 15


Melissa Dudleston

Melissa Dudleston- Sweet Run 2015

$645 11


Nathalie Barton

Nathalie & Nola Barton- Sweet Run 2015

$190 5


Hannah Russell

See Hannah Russell Run.

$160 6


Beverly Henkel

Beverly's first 10k with the Cupcake Girls

$149 4


Megan Zimick

Megan Zimick -Sweet Run 2015

$45 2

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The Cupcake Girls Portland is excited to undertake our largest fundraising challenge of the year! Whether you're across country or a Portland local, we are looking for a team of 30 runners to join us in raising $50,000 during our "Sweet Run" on May 17th as part of the Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon Series.

The Cupcake Girls are a non-profit organization who offer resources, respect, and relationships to people in the adult entertainment industry. Please check out our website at www.thecupcakegirls.org for more information on what we’re doing in the Las Vegas & Portland communities!

The Cupcake Girls are a Nevada based non-profit corporation, exempt from Federal income tax as an organization described in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. To determine if your contribution is allowable on your federal and state income tax returns you may need to consult with your accounting professional

Who are The Cupcake Girls?

We quickly learned that when it comes to working with the adult entertainers we assist, one way of doing things doesn't fit all. We (and our many professional partners) offer a number of services on a case-by-case basis, working to ensure that we're offering the right solutions to the right people at the right time.

It all comes down to our ability to listen carefully, really get to know the clients we work with, and make sure that when we call upon our professional partners, we're being respectful of both their time and their unique talents.

Services Provided include but are not limited to:

Medical care
Dental treatment
Federal/County aid application
Financial advising
Educational support
Nutrition counseling
Legal advising
Support groups
One-on-one mentoring
Emergency care packages
Relocation assistance
Drug and alcohol rehabilitation
Domestic violence assistance
Hosting baby showers and birthday parties

If you are an adult entertainer in need of any of the above services, or simply want to talk with a Cupcake team member please contact us:

Las Vegas:
Tel: 702-879-8195

And in Portland, Oregon at:
Tel: 503-886-9599

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