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"Support Valley Rescued Dog and Puppy Transport" a team to help move animals to places with higher adoption rates.


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Using Healthy Communities as charity for funding--taking care of animal companions is part of a healthy community

The team will use their business network

  • Find a permanent vehicle to transport animals that can be used as an adoptomobile when not in transit
  • Raise funds for gas and transporter expenses
  • Find drivers

Unless we can find resources rescued animals will no longer be able to be taken to Denver. We have transferred 30 dogs/puppies in 2 months. ASPCA can fund $50/animal next year.

Goals are to raise funds to move animals out of the RGV where the rescuers have no funding. Organizations with funds will pay $100 per animal transferred long distance.

Must follow Denver Dumb Friends League transport guidiance and support aggressive spay/neuter programs.

Short Term Goal: Move homeless animals out of the RGV to areas of low euthanasia and high adoption rates

Long Term: Increase spay/neuter efforts to reduce requirement to transfer animals out

  • Find a mobile spay/neuter unit to visit Southmost, Cameron Park, Laguna Heights and other locations where majority of homeless animals and litters are originating

Team Captain

Janis Silveri Janis Silveri

  1. Janis SilveriJanis... 11/08/2012 at 11:06 AM ET
    Let's save more Rio Grande Valley homeless animals!