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SIC SUMMER FUNDRAISING BONANZA is a team to support SIC's mobile care and treatment centers in rural Tanzanian communities.


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Johnson Kiwango

Summer Bonanza

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For more than a decade, SIC has played a strategic role in the fight against HIV, most often in areas unreached by other NGOs and government services. Currently working in 91 rural villages, SIC implements a comprehensive and innovative set of services to combat HIV/AIDS. These services include mobile HIV counseling and testing, health awareness campaigns, peer educator programs in schools, a community health worker program to share HIV/AIDS education and support people living with HIV/AIDS, and perhaps most imperatively, mobile care and treatment centers which offer antiretroviral therapy and medical care at the village level.

For many, health services are out of reach. The nearest clinic may be very far and public transportation is inadequate or costly making both accessing treatment and staying on it a struggle. Because of SIC's 17 mobile care and treatment centers, over 600 people are now able to recieve their medicaiton close to their homes and receive ongoing support from SIC field staff to remain on their treatment.

Let's keep reducing the miles between life-saving treatments and the people who need it!

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Lindsay Whiddon Lindsay Whiddon

Executive Director, SIC