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"Super Stringers" a team to help the RADCLIFFE CREEK SCHOOL INC...


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Dylan Stringer

Dylan Stringer fundraising for Super Stringers

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Jessica Stringer

2014 Run for Radcliffe- Team Super Stringers

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Amy Bradbury

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Rita Tucker

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Dylan has been attending Radcliffe Creek School for the past 6 years. Without this school, I am not sure where Dylan or our family would be today. This school embraced Dylan and his Autism and treated him like family. The encouragement and love he gets from his teachers have helped to to become a smart, kind, funny, and wonderful young man. We are hoping to raise funds for RCS so they can continue to provide scholarships to children like Dylan. Children who desparetly need a school that truly cares about the forward movement of their children, but cannot afford all the costs of a school like RCS.

Every day, children's lives are changing because of Radcliffe. Students who thought they weren’t good at anything are learning that they are smart, that they are capable, and that they can contribute to a community. These students are learning to love learning, and that’s a pretty amazing thing! Without financial assistance, for many families, a Radcliffe education isn’t a possibility.

As one Radcliffe parent said, “I think anyone that donates to Radcliffe probably does not realize the impact they have. There is no way to explain the stress on the parent that comes from worrying about how you are going to find a way to pay for the education that may be the only way to help their struggling child. The individuals and businesses that make donations offer so much more than money. They offer these children a chance to forget they have learning differences by being surrounded by their peers rather than being separated into special education classrooms, praised for their many talents rather than focused on for their weaknesses and encouraged to achieve success rather than mediocrity.”

Thank you for supporting our team and the 2014 Run for Radcliffe

Team Captain

Jessica Stringer Jessica Stringer

Radcliffe has provided Dylan with scholarship money and we want to give back to that fund.