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"SunServe Youth Program EXPLOSION TEAM" a team to help the SUNSHINE SOCIAL SERVICES INC. (SunServe)


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Bryan Ortega

SunServe Youth Program EXPLOSION Team

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Mandi Hawke

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andrew frosch

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Have you heard the big NEWS??

SunServe's Youth Program is EXPANDING again!

SunServe's Youth Program offers a SAFE SPACE for LGBTQ and Allied Youth in South Florida to hang out, meet new friends, have adult role-models and mentors, participate in leadership activities and so much more!

What’s the BIG NEWS you say??

We're moving our youth offices back over to Sunshine Cathedral Campus's Office Space so we will be working in the same place we play!

Why do we NEED your help?

We're transforming the open space in-between the offices into a drop in center that will be available for youth to "drop-in" after school hang out, to get a snack, meet with friends, work on homework, create some art, talk with us and more!

In order to get ready we need YOUR HELP!

All through December we will be raising money and asking for donations so we can clean up, paint the walls, install new floors, get new furniture, get new technology, get crafting supplies and more!!

(Scroll down to see exactly what we’re raising money for)

Help us support the youth program by donating today, everything helps!

Really wanna help in a BIG WAY?? Join our team to help fundraise by asking friends at work in your neighborhood or family members!

If you have any questions please call Mandi Hawke, Program Coordinator for Youth Services at 954-764-5150 or

SunServe Fundraising and WISH LIST

(We would love your financial help to purchase these items or if you have something on this list that you can donate that would be awesome too!!) Contact Mandi if you do!


New flooring installed (Know a flooring company?)

Walls Painted (Know a paint company?)

Decor – (We're planning on creating shadow boxes to showcase youth art)


(2) Small Couches (dark colored and microfiber preferably)

(2) Small Side tables (Simple – like Ikea style?)

(1) Fabulous Rainbow or Colorful Funky Area rug

(2) White Bookshelves

(5+) Colorful bean bags

ELECTRONICS (working/5-years-old)

(1) Mini Refrigerator

(1) Projector

(Many) DVD’s (mainstream and gay)

(1) Polaroid camera

(2) TVs (flat screen) 40'’+

(2) Mounting brackets (pull out and swivel)

(1) Laser Printer (color) hi-volume for office staff

(1) Coffee maker/keurig machine

(1) Small microwave

(2) Tablets (ipad or others) for youth electronic signin

Game systems and Games (Wii, Playstation, Xbox)


Water cooler

FOOD (Ongoing Donations & $$ Needed)


Dinner donations (Know a local restaurant? Love to cook?)



Water (jugs/cooler jugs/bottles)


Pride Flags(bear,gay,bisexual)

Board Games

Art Supplies (canvases, acrylic paints)

Team Captain

Mandi Hawke Mandi Hawke