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Help Judi Davis and the Sunflower Kids feed a Tanzanian Orphange


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Judi Davis founded and ran the Sunflower Kids School in Laramie, Wyoming. Nutrition, kindness, and quality time were core elements of what Judi infused into her program on a daily basis. She fed the children that attended her daycare with food from her organic garden, practiced yoga and baked bread with them. She read to them, fostered their creativity, and taught them patience. Judi was family to everyone.

Ready for her next life adventure, Judi left Laramie and climbed Kilamanjaro and then on to a Tanzanian Orphange in the summer of 2013. It is here where she began a temporary volunteer position at a day orphanage, sharing her gifts and her loving spirit with approximately 60 children on a daily basis. Judi has made it part of her mission to make sure her kids are well nourished, but this has become particularly challenging, due to budgetary constraints. The orphanage has enough funding to serve each child one meal per day, and in many cases, that is the only meal that child receives. And it shows. These children are suffering… skinny, with little energy, and lacking smiles on their faces.

Judi’s goal is to be able to feed every child breakfast every day that she is there, and to set up a program so they will continue to be fed this important meal, long after her temporary assignment is over. These fundraising efforts are being done on a 100% volunteer basis, and every cent will be used to feed a child in need. Every penny matters, every child matters.

About the FOUNDERS:

Elizabeth is a Masaii woman who either refused some arranged marriages or left one--not sure on that detail. That made her an out caste who would not be able to marry or bear children. Even her own father would not speak with her. She became involved with a very small church and made a promise to God that she would help all the orphan children--she asked that she not be an out caste. Along came, Isacc, from Kenya, a man 5 years her junior. They fell in love--apparently, unheard of for a younger man to marry an older woman. He proposed, they married, and have a 3 year old daughter, Beautitude. All her tribe were amazed that she had been able to have a child. Anyway, Elizabeth and Isaac have made good on her promise to God. They started a small school in an old decrepit outbuilding at the top of a quarry--very scary place (I checked it out). Elizabeth spent much of her day just making sure the kids didn't fall in the quarry. They began just gathering kids, teaching, and finding food. There is no shortage of kids in dire straits around they were easily gathered, I think... After praying and working, things started happening for them. They found money to move into a cleaner, safer place, but it turned out that the kids were getting diarrhea all the time from the toilet--I guess it just looked cleaner. Currently, they are in a small building with 3 little classrooms--about 38 or 40 2-4 year old kids all crowed together on 4 benches learning numbers, alphabet, drawing, English, etc. About 12 4-6 year olds in a room and then a group of about 8 or 9 7-9 year olds. About 15, or so, are very hungry and most of the rest get another meal sometime during the day.

The story just gets more awesome....they connected with volunteers--some good and some just here for a gap year party--which pisses me off.... Anyway, a 19 year old Mexican volunteer fell in love with the set up and now her family is sponsoring veggies for lunch every day! Then a 21 year old American showed up last year and she is working to create a boarding school/orphanage. She and her funders have purchased land and are beginning to build an orphanage for 58 kids. But that means that many of these kids will be leaving their community. I'm sort of torn about that, but when food is the priority decisions have to be made, I guess.

So, that is all good, but there are still kids being born and parents dying. So, the current day school will remain open to feed and educate as many as they can. Also, who knows when the boarding school will actually materialize....the young woman has been in the States for awhile and news is a little scarce from her right now, I guess. The good thing is that the land is purchased so if she backs out (doubt that will happen) someone else can pick up the ball.

My concern is the immediate. I want to make sure that the hungry kids are not hungry. Breakfast is the first step. The next step is to introduce brown rice instead of white. We gave the kids brown rice the other day and they ate it and seemed to like it--but they eat all that is given to them without one bit of hesitation--they gobble, actually. I think, if we can get something set up so that they have breakfast into the far future, we have done something very worthwhile. The kids are able to learn and not as sick.

Team Captain

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