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$301,110 raised of $500,000
($200,626 online, $100,484 offline)

Dedicated to the hike of a lifetime, while raising awareness and funds to treat NTDs. JOIN US.


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Gale Pollock

Gale Pollock fundraising for Summit to See the END: Kilimanjaro 2014

114 $20,825


Miranda Banks

Miranda's Kilimanjaro trek for The END Fund

89 $12,614


The Legatum Team

Summit to See the END: Legatum fundraising to help eliminate Neglected Tropical Diseases

84 $92,675


Ellen Agler

Hiking to END the Neglect - Ellen Agler

69 $32,160


Sarah Marchal Murray

Summiting to see the END of the neglect-Sarah Marchal Murray

67 $24,496


Scott, Heidi, and Tori Powell

Scott, Heidi and Tori Powell fundraising for Summit to See the END: Kilimanjaro 2014

52 $40,550


Karen Robinson

Karen Robinson fundraising for Summit to See the END: Kilimanjaro 2014

52 $10,910


Christine Wächter-Campbell

Christine Wächter-Campbell fundraising for Summit to See the END: Kilimanjaro 2014

37 $51,000


Saskia Keeley

Saskia Keeley fundraising for Summit to See the END: Kilimanjaro 2014

22 $10,200


Scott & Ally Dinhofer

Scott & Allyson Dinhofer fundraising for Summit to See the END: Kilimanjaro 2014

7 $6,390


Joseph Valentine

Joseph Valentine fundraising for Summit to See the END: Kilimanjaro 2014

1 $0


Paul Deakin

Paul Deakin is supporting Summit to See the END: Kilimanjaro 2014

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Most Recent Donations

The Summit to See the END: Kilimanjaro 2014 aims to engage our community in the opportunity to embark on this transformational adventure of a lifetime, while simultaneously helping to end the suffering of millions of people with Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) in Africa.

The goal of the END Fund's Summit to See the END is three-fold:

  1. to demonstrate the exhilaration and that comes from tackling the 19,341 ft summit and draw the parallel in tackling NTDs
  2. to raise awareness about NTDs and how they affect the most impoverished populations and
  3. to mobilize crucial donations for the END Fund’s work in 2014 and beyond.

Each team member has made a personal $5,000 commitment, as well as set a pledge goal to reach out to their networks to raise awareness and engage them to make a philanthropic commitment to the cause.

The END fund has partnered with Private Expeditions and Razoo to tailor-make both the trek and the fundraising experience for each hiker and will work with each team member along the way to reach both their fundraising and fitness preparation goals.

In addition to the hike, the END Fund will take team members to spend a day after the trek learning more about NTDs through control programs on the ground in Tanzania, seeing first hand what the power of their fundraising can accomplish.

Whether you are a colleague, friend, or family member of an adventure seeker, why not support them in this adventure? They’ve set personal goals on their pages help them raise it! Or better yet, commit to join them on this epic adventure.

Our challenge is as big as our ambitions to control and eliminate these diseases and with your help we can all summit to see the END together.

For information or assistance in getting started on your personal page feel free to reach us at To learn more about the motivation behind the Summit to See the END, we also invite you to view this brief video:

More About NTDS:

NTDs are a group of parasitic and bacterial infections that cause long-term disability and illness for over 1.5 billion of the poorest and most vulnerable people across the globe, including 800 million children. They cause severe pain. long-term disability, and are the cause of death for over 500,000 people per year. Among children, infection leads to malnutrition, cognitive impairement, stunted growth and the inability to attend school.

But these diseases can be treated by available, donated medicines. Funds are needed for the delivery of these medicines to people in need. The END Fund is the first private philanthropic initiative to combat NTDs. Engaging a broad spectrum of individuals, foundations and corporations, the END Fund provides financing to disease control initiatives,creating new programs when needed, and using leveraged funsd to extend and deepen the impact of our collective reach.

A generous consortium of pharmaceutical companies have donated the majority of medicines needed to treat these diseases. The END Fund focuses on mobilizing resources to ensure that these medicines are delivered to those in need.

Team Captain

Sarah Marchal Murray Sarah Marchal Murray