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DREAM closes the opportunity gap for youth living in low-income house.


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Will you join us in providing a Summer of Adventures for youth in low-income housing?

What was summer like for you as a child? Perhaps you spent your summers at camp, swimming, playing sports, and sailing. Perhaps you have your own children and fill their summers with opportunities for learning and fun. These experiences play a critical role in childhood development. As Robert Putnam, the renowned social-scientist, describes “Every summer camp you went to or every piano lesson you got or every time you went to soccer club, you were getting some advantage.”

DREAM ensures that the most vulnerable children in our communities also get these advantages. Summer is a time when low-income children typically lose ground developmentally and spend significant time in unsafe and
unsupervised environments. This is why DREAM is so important. Through DREAM, hundreds of children have access to summers filled with new opportunities, caring role models, exciting adventures that will substantially and positively shape their lives.

We invite you to join us in making this summer an especially exciting and life-changing one. Every dollar you donate will be used this summer to give DREAM youth adventures and advantages that will shape their lives

Thank you and DREAM!

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Mike Foote Mike Foote

I want more kids to DREAM.