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Tough Mudders "Stopping Traffic" team to benefit KEEPING KIDS SAFE INC... and help victims of sex trafficking in Southern Maine. Join us!

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Michael Mercer fundraising for Stopping Traffic and to benefit Greater Portland STOP, Stopping Trafficking/Offering Possibilities. A Team Approach to Combatting Human Trafficking.

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Through the process of improving Maine's laws regarding sex trafficking, I have had the privilege of getting to know Det. Steve Webster of South Portland PD, and Det. Mark Keller of Portland PD, two incredible guys who have quickly become experts on the sex trade in Northern New England. These guys answer the phone at 3 AM to pick up women escaping "the life." However, once they've picked them up, they have no where to take them. That's when they've pulled out their own wallets and paid for rooms, basic necessities and food for these traumatized young women. If they send them to a shelter, they'll return to their pimps, who may be the only people who have ever given them anything nice. But that "nice stuff" comes with a big price tag.

I've also had the privilege of meeting retired police officer Michael Mercer, who together with Michael O'Neal, runs Keeping Kids Safe, an organization which goes into schools and educates teachers and kids about avoiding sexual and dating violence. Sex trafficking victims come from all walks of life, but one very common denominator is having been victimized sexually as a child. For this reason, we need to ensure that our kids are educated about how to avoid becoming a victim or who they can talk to if they already are.

Because they are a registered non-profit, Keeping Kids Safe is our official beneficiary, but they have agreed to give half of what is collected to the law enforcement fund.

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Amy Volk Amy Volk

  1. Amy VolkAmy Volk 04/08/2014 at 05:55 PM ET
    Find us on Facebook at Tough Mudder with Stopping Traffic!
  2. Michael MercerMichael... 04/07/2014 at 05:32 PM ET
    Hi team it's Mercer. Pep talk for Tough Mudders team Stopping Traffic. Keeping Kids Safe is the rally point for Stopping Traffic and STOP Stopping Trafficking/Offering Possibilities. A Team Approach to Combatting Human Trafficking