St. Andrew's Youth Workcamp 2011


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"St. Andrew's Youth Workcamp 2011" a team to help the repair homes in Anderson County, Tennessee


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Workcamp is a week long service adventure for Christian youth. We serve those loved by God as Christ himself would serve. While repairing homes for the elderly and indigent is a big part of a Workcamp week, building relationships with the residents is just as important. These relationships last beyond the week. The impact on lives, both of the youth and those they serve, lasts a lifetime.

This year, we will be helping in Anderson County, Tennessee. Anderson County was home of the Manhattan Project during World War II. The average age of the homes in the county is between 50 and 70 years old. 13.10% live below the poverty line. Median household income is $35,483, below the state average. Anderson County is located north of Knoxville. Its population is over 70,000. Though the unemployment rate has improved over the past two years, families still struggle to make ends meet.

Youth raise their own money for food, building supplies, transportation and lodging. The cost per camper is $675. Please consider helping these dedicated youth with prayers, encouragement and, if possible, financial support.

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