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"Stairing is Caring" a team to help the SEATTLE CANCER CARE ALLIANCE...


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Joe Mangan

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Stairing is Caring V!!

Hi everyone,

It’s that time of year again: Stairing is Caring time!

What is it? An event where competitors see how many times they can climb the stairs in tower 333 from the lobby level to the 20th floor in 45 minutes. Contestants have climbed anywhere from 1680 to 7182 stairs (up and down) in 45 minutes!

Why is it? The competitors do it to raise money for charity. This year’s charity will be the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.

When is it? The competition will be on 12/13/12 this year at 4:00 PM

How can you help? Pick a team to support, guess how many stairs they will climb and make a pledge for a chance to win lunch with your climbers!

Last year’s top “stairers,” Christy Hurley and Ethan Bernstein, defended their title strongly by climbing 7,182 stairs in 45 bliss filled minutes. The top “carers,” Lisa Rowell and Karen Intrachat, were able to raise $788.08 for their team!

Let’s have a friendly little competition and find out which floor/team has the best “stairers!” And which one has the best "carers!"

Can anyone unseat the reigning champs? Will training in the Skyline building give you an edge? What happens when MeSo goes head to head against EAN!? So many questions!

If you have any questions, please let Joe ( or Dave know.

Team Captain

Joe Mangan Joe Mangan