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No child should remain poor because they were born poor. This project will build a pre-school for 300 very low income children in Jamaica.


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Fr. Thomas Dynetius

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$103,721 33

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St. Patrick’s Primary School is located in one of the poorest inner-cities in Kingston, Jamaica where poverty, chronic unemployment, poor quality education, hunger, and violence are rampant.

Giving Hands, Inc., partnered with Jamaica Social Investment Fund, the Ministry of Education, and the European Union have invested more than US$500,000. These funds upgraded crumbling infrastructure and provided resources to improve academic achievement.

The school has been transformed from an institution with declining enrollment and poor performance to high quality learning center, producing national scholarship winners.

What’s Next

Recently staff members identified an opportunity for further gains.

80% of students enter ill-prepared for learning because they attended unlicensed, under-resourced, early childhood institutions staffed by untrained personnel.

The Solution

Improve access to licensed, qualified, curriculum-based, early childhood education.

The Opportunity

An investment of $125,000 will provide this impoverished community with:

  • A self-sustaining Early Childhood Education Center
  • Improved academic opportunities for future generations
  • Rehabilitation of a vacant lot that presently harbors criminals.

Although this is an ambitious goal, no gift is too small. Collectively we can make this dream come true.

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