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St. Alban's Episcopal Church is located in Ft. Hale, SD. These funds will be used to help defer the costs in restoring the church.


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Hi Family! This is the cheapest online giving site I could find. Unfortunately we have to keep the TEAM format..PLEASE dont worry about the LEADERBOARD portion, if I can control it (which I dont know if I can yet) I will not POST donation amounts. This is not about how much you can give at all, it is just a means to give from afar. Whether it is $10 to $100 all donations will help with the restorations.

It has been said .. " A large part of who we are as a FAMILY, started with the LOVE of this church."

Some improvements have been made but ALOT still needs to be done!

We now have electricity and the duct work has been inspected. The furnace has been purchased and is now installed but not yet working. Tasks to be completed include but are not limited to: Flooring replacement upstairs in foyer, altar area, and clergy room, removal and replacement of old tile downstairs, cleaning of basement ceiling and replacement of ceiling, clean walls and painting, window cleaning, deep thorough cleaning and polishing of church floor and woodwork, and staining/polishing of pews.

Love and Prayers to you all!

Team Captain

Stephanie Bolman Stephanie Bolman