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This holiday season, we hope you will give the gift that warms the heart, stirs the creative spirit, and brings our community together.

You may have enjoyed or perhaps were even showcased in one of the over 70 diverse arts and cultural events the Silver Spring Town Center Inc presented this past year, including the Silver Spring Blues Festival, Plaza Performances and Tribute to Our Veterans Concert. While we have presented thousands of visual and performing artists from our community and beyond, we aim to do even more this coming year.

As you know, SSTCi has supported the arts and culture in Downtown Silver Spring since its inception with arts and cultural programs and events in the Civic Building and on Veterans’ Plaza. Children’s groups like the Mighty Shock have warmed our hearts, while talented youth like Strings4Joy and the Einstein High School Latin Dancers have stirred our creative spirits. And, they have all brought our community closer together in the process. So that we may continue engaging members of our community in the arts, we need a little of your help now.

Your contribution today directly helps to support our mission to provide a vibrant, inclusive and engaging community gathering place—a “community living room”-- that enriches the lives of residents throughout the Greater Silver Spring area. In fact, 100% of your donation goes directly towards showcasing local and international talent from a variety of creative disciplines, while at the same time building community and celebrating our vibrant diversity in the heart of Downtown Silver Spring!

We thank you in advance for supporting SSTCi and people of all ages whom we serve in support of our vision of a creative and vibrant community for all.

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