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$2,872 raised of $5,000
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"Spotted on the Trail Again!" a team to help DCAF fund five important genetic research projects!


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Sharon Rogers

Spotted On The Trail Again with Lakeshore Dalmatians and Sharon Rogers

$530 8


Toni Linstedt

Spotted on the Trail with Juju Dalmatians

$465 9


Kim Carey

Spotted on the Trail - Lost Art Dalmatians

$405 11


Cathy Sadler

HeartSpot Dalmatians

$225 2


Barrie Essner

Surferdals on the Trail

$200 2


Beth Johnson

Spotted on the Trail Again with Prestige Dalmatians

$200 6


Christine Ramalho

Spotted on the Trail Again with Rose and Baker

$145 4


Kimberly Beam

Alaska Dalmatians

$125 1


lynn morrow

Spotted on the Trail with First State Dals

$122 4


Kris Hatch

Spotted on the Trail Again With Reddi

$105 4


Maggie Moore

Spotted on the Trail - BretD Troika Engine Co Black Caviar

$100 3


Barbara Barrett

Barbara Kaplan-Barrett spotted on the trail with Planett Dalmatians

$100 4


Kelly Roy

Imagine Dals Spotted on the Trail Again

$60 4


Donna Truitt

Spotted on the Trail with Anticipation Dalmatians

$50 1


Melissa Haswell

Spotted on the Trail Again - Spot On

$50 1


Suzi Wahl

Dream Weaver Dals are Spotted on the trail!

$35 2

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The Dalmatian Club of America Foundation (DCAF) is a non-profit charitable Corporation formed to provide financial and other support for individuals and organizations focusing their charitable, educational and research efforts on dogs in general and the DALMATIAN in particular.

We are currently funding five genetic research studies in an effort to reduce the incidents of genetic deafness, early onset renal failure, copper storage disease, and the formation of urate urinary stones. Spotted on the Trail is a fund raiser to help us underwrite the cost of these significant studies.

Thank you for sponsoring our walkers, joggers, bikers and horse back riders who are logging miles with their healthy Dalmatians during the month of October to raise funds for these important projects!

Team Captain

Sheila Wymore Sheila Wymore

  1. Sheila WymoreSheila... 10/30/2015 at 03:39 PM ET
    Just a little more than a day to go! Thanks to each of you for your efforts on behalf of DCAF this October! Now is the last chance to reach out to your friends and family for support of your miles. Several of you are very close to the $100 level to get one of those nifty Spotted on the Trail Again t-shirts! Good luck and thanks again!
  2. Toni LinstedtToni... 10/21/2015 at 07:42 PM ET
    We have just 10 days to go in our fundraiser! Thanks to all of you for your efforts. Now is a great time to send that personal email to your friends and family to ask for their support of your October miles!
  3. Barrie EssnerBarrie... 10/15/2015 at 12:32 PM ET
    Beautiful day to get spotted on the trail Phoebe, Piper and I are headed out for a girls only walk. Enjoy the day
  4. Christine RamalhoChristine... 10/12/2015 at 09:32 PM ET
    Rose and Baker have logged 31 miles so far this month. We have had some beautiful weather this month and we are very happy to be dedicating our October miles again this year to this worthy cause!
  5. Sheila WymoreSheila... 10/12/2015 at 02:33 PM ET
    Check out the cool T-Shirts our $100+ fundraiser teams will receive! So far we have 4 qualifiers and we've gone over the $1,000 mark in our total team effort! Keep up the great work!