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"Wholebackstage Children's Theater Spotlight Kids Boosters" a team to help the Spotlight Kids with expense for invitational events.


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Spotlight Kids Boosters

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SPOTLIGHT KIDS serve as "ambassadors" for the Whole Backstage Children's Theatre in their communities, and perform in shows. The Spotlight Kids audition for the cast and are selected for this honor by three adjudicators from outside theatres who adjudicate the auditions for fairness. Those who plan to audition must prepare a 90 second combination of music and monologue (SETC STYLE) and dance audition. Auditionees must also participate in an interview with representatives of the Whole Backstage Theatre. This experience provides opportunity for community service, character development as well as cultivation of skills in theater arts.

Let's support the SPOTLIGHT KIDS travel to CHATTANOOGA! Congrats to the SPOTLIGHT KIDS on their award winning performance at The Alabama Conference of Theatre's Community Theatre Festival October 2011. (See They have been selected to participate at the THEATRE FOR YOUTH INVITATIONAL FESTIVAL in March of 2012~ Check out more information on this prestigious honor! They will present the short play RECESS. (see Your generous donations will support the conference fees, driving expenses, and lodging and meals for the kids for this 5 day event.

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    to donate, go HERE:
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    I hope I created a link that can be shared with the public to make secure donates to the spotlight kids. I will make a $20 donation myself and see what happens. I hope it somehow comes to WBS