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"Sponsor a Mom and Her Kittens" is raising funds to rescue kittens and Moms from kill shelters before it is too late. Every donation helps!


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Laura Goodman

Laura Goodman fundraising for Sponsor a Mom and Her Kittens

$2,195 9


Lynn O'Connell

Mimi and her 8 Kittens are safe, so let's keep going to save another litter from death row!

$1,390 22


Rita Schoch

Rita Schoch fundraising for Sponsor a Mom and Her Kittens

$675 4


Terri LaBounty

Terri LaBounty fundraising for Sponsor a Mom and Her Kittens 1

$650 7


Jeannette Bowers

Jeannette Bowers fundraising for Sponsor a Mom and Her Kittens

$485 10


Heidi Allen

Heidi Allen fundraising for Sponsor a Mom and Her Kittens

$425 5


Richard Meier

Sponsor Mimi's Kittens and You Get to Pick the Name!

$400 4


Deanna O'Sullivan

Deanna O'Sullivan PayPal #crowdfunding for Sponsor a Kittens -- You can donate on my page or use PayPal at www.ffgw.org!!

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It's kitten season and The Feline Foundation of Greater Washington can't accept any more litters because spring kittens had such high medical bills. Every day, they are turning away Moms and kittens in need.

You can sponsor a litter by joining the team, setting up your own fundraising page (just takes a minute), and inviting your friends to contribute.

The average litter costs FFGW about $100 per kitten and $250+ for Mom. So, if you'd like to sponsor a litter, make your fundraising goal $650.

Too much? Set a $100 goal to sponsor a kitten with friends or $250 to sponsor a Mom.

We'd like to raise at least $6,500 so we can bring in up to 10 litters this summer.

(You can also donate here if you prefer not to set up a team. Every donation helps!!!)

Team Captain

Lynn O'Connell Lynn O'Connell

  1. Lynn O'ConnellLynn... 08/15/2013 at 06:02 PM ET
    Just 3 days to go! Can you share a fundraiser to help volunteers meet their goals? We appreciate your donations and your help spreading the word.
  2. Lynn O'ConnellLynn... 08/10/2013 at 03:13 AM ET
    One week to go! Can you help us meet the goal by contributing and sharing? Even $10 helps!
  3. Lynn O'ConnellLynn... 07/27/2013 at 05:29 AM ET
    Wow! We're almost halfway to our goal! You can help by picking any of the pages listed on the leaderboard and sharing it to YOUR social networks. Remember, all donors will be entered in drawing to name one of Mimi's kittens! Better yet, sponsor a kitten for $100. And, remember, EVERY SHARE HELPS.
  4. Lynn O'ConnellLynn... 07/10/2013 at 07:53 PM ET
    Need a video to add to your page? Use Wiggles! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dztbUF6NL8&list=TL734gVH4aPbg You can also pull photos from my fundraising page or from https://www.facebook.com/felinefoundationffgw
  5. Lynn O'ConnellLynn... 07/10/2013 at 06:53 PM ET
    Can you set up a fundraising page to Sponsor a Kitten, a Mom, or a Litter?