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Nigh Strike: Loving People Because People Matter!

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“Loving People Because People Matter” – Bridgetown Inc. is an urban movement that forms relational environments that mobilizes individuals and groups to show love and generosity bringing about relief and transformation.

I’m so impressed by the Bridgetown – they live out their mission and values week in and week out. I know that many of you have also been impacted by at least one of its environments: a transformation trip, BTown Kids, or coming down to Nightstrike.

Last year over 14,000 guests were served by Bridgetown. That is a lot of folks. And so many more are impacted – the thousands of volunteers who have given their time have walked away changed … that is one of the reasons I love Bridgetown – through this movement we all are transformed!

It costs real dollars to accomplish the mission and vision of Bridgetown. When Bridgetown decided to do a Bowling fundraising event, Carly and I had to be a part! We aren’t real good bowlers – but we care about Bridgetown. So we’ve formed a team and are asking for you to join our team and/or support our fundraising goal.

Our goal is to fund 3 weeks of Nightstrike this year. Night strike costs $700 a week. So our goal is to raise $2100 in the next 3 weeks!

We’ll be bowling Sunday, September 28 @ Big Al’s in Beaverton!

Consider making a gift and joining our team: Split Happens! If you bowl once a year like we do, the name is perfect!

For more information on Bridgetown Inc., please visit the website at www.bridgetowninc.org .

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