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Spinning for Stomach Cancer, Riding for our friend, Ester DaRocha

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A loving mother to a spunky 8 year old boy and wife, Ester was diagnosed with stomach cancer for the first time 6 years ago at the age of 33. With a love for life and a stubborn determination to fight, she underwent a partial stomach removal followed by rounds of chemotherapy. After almost a year of fighting, she was finally given the news that the cancer was gone.... she had beat this monster! The years following were full of tests and scares but always with the eventual good news that the scans were clear. This past fall, just at the 5 year mark where she would now only be tested once per year, the scan was not clear... the cancer had returned. She has begun the journey again, undergoing prolonged chemotherapy treatments this time and searching for any other alternative treatments to fight and beat this disease... This is her story, her battle and we are eternally grateful for any help you can offer in this fight.

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