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The 2016 Beyond Equality Ride is a two week long bus tour that visits Christian college campuses in solidarity with their LGBTQI students. 2016 is the 10th anniversary of the first Ride, and we are here to ride with passion, heart, fire, and Soul.

In 10 years we have learned a decade of lessons about youth organizing, Christian supremacy, and how to practice nonviolence in a way that will save our souls. After a brief hiatus, the Equality Ride is back and chomping at the bit to unleash youth power centered on justice, faith in our purpose, and a sacred knowing of where we come from.

In an election year where the rise of religious fundamentalism threatens to make broad wins over the well-beings of all marginalized people, we know that it is important to engage and challenge those institutions that use religious freedom as a tool to harm others. Our Riders are riding to transform fear into power at campuses where religious fundamentalism is wielded to harm LGBTQI students.

We will work with students and administration at Christian college campuses to engage with the Bible, create spaces of healing for LGBTQI people and people of color who have been harmed by spiritual violence, and call institutions towards practicing a faith and an ethic that is accountable to the most marginalized of us. Our aims are to grow youth power through healing and justice, and to keep campuses accountable to being safe spaces of learning in faith.

Our Soulforce crew of Southern-bred LGBTQI youth organizers are called to hit the road in a 14 day-long tour of schools in Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia to host direct action, meet with students who want to connect, host Bible studies, call on universities to change their violent policies, and to be in solidarity with LGBTQI students who are organizing nationally against Title IX waivers at their Christian college campuses.

Your donation will help us to fund workshops, direct action, and civil disobedience, which will train up students at Christian college campuses to feel brave and cause trouble in the name of justice; your gift will also help us feed ourselves, fill our gas tank, and train our Riders on how to spiritually uplift and bravely challenge those who they meet with courage and conviction.

No gift is too small, and we thank . We also graciously accept prayer and . Additionally, if you would like to find ways to support this Ride by other means, please visit for more information.

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