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Fur n’ Feathers is an animal rescue shelter that has been designed to meet the needs of its homeless feline and canine guests, while welcoming and encouraging involvement from the local and national community in the UAE as well as educating children on the importance of animal welfare.

The shelter continues to enhance the physical and emotional health of its homeless kittens and puppies, (and over time more variety of animals like foxes, birds, fish, and occasional visitors) therefore increasing their chances of life span and adoptability. Animals are allowed to roam in open land, bond with different species and behave as any loved pet needs to be. The lady behind the scenes in charge of the proper care of the animals is exceptionally full of love, strength and professionalism to be able to share her love for nature and animals with all her animals as we would with one or few pets. The natural essence of the shelter is apparent immediately as you enter the vibrant place. This ensures a welcoming and social environment. An inbuilt treatment clinic on site tends to any medical problems should the need arise. Irene, aside from looking after and maintaining the well being of these animals and adopting more and more, also contributes as a dedicated full time vet for our homeless guests. For the last 8.5 years, Irene has been investing her own person capital for her much loved furry souls and has now run out of sufficient funds. She and her animals are in serious need of supplies, and hence, this message.

Fur n’ Feathers is located in the heart of Ajman, only around 35 minutes from the main city of Dubai in the UAE. It is a developing shelter and is in need of more people like Irene to help the lives of homeless, wounded and lonely animals with a range of necessities from food, volunteers to spreading the word and monetary donations.

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