Soccer for peace and cohesion.

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Connect people to peace trough soccer,break tribal and ethnic barriers on community development,reduce violence and radicalization of youths


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Highrise Rovers Sports Club.


Community based organization (CBO)


Pumwani Division , Kamukunji sub county,

Nairobi County.

Contact Person.

-Antony Makau.

- Director.

- 0722 462 982.

Email ;

1. Vision

Be part of the change process that will realise an empowered and functioning society in which the youth have a role.

2. Mission

- To identify and nurture the latent talents in our youths and utilize them effectively for mutual benefits of the individual and the community.

- Provide service in learning opportunities for young people for their development and that of the community at large.

- To encourage young people to participate actively in various programs which are positive and beneficial to them.

3. Profile (Background, Motivation, Demonstrated Capacity)

Highrise Rovers Sports Club Started in the year 2005,and was officially registered on 16th September 2008. By the Ministry of Sports, Culture and the Arts. (see our certificate of registration attached.)

The activities of the organisation are run from Pumwani child survival school through the Courtesy of Kamukunji community based organisations network(KCBO-NET)

The organisation has a well structured office management team that is democratically elected by its members.

The motivation to establish the organisation was a burning desire to mitigate on some of the many challenges that face the youths in the community of Pumwani .this was in firmed by the grim realities on the ground that the areas targeted have a high levels of ;

a. House hold poverty

b. Child abuse

c. Teenage prostitution.

d. Teenage pregnancies.

e. (unsafe abortion)

f. Early marriage.

g. Drugs and alcohol abuse.

h. Domestic violence.

i. Gender based violence.

j. Rape and defilement.

k. Poor school enrolment and retention.

The organisation attends to its activities through the following programs;

a. Sports

b. Education training & career,

c. Rehabilitation.

d. Environment& personal hygiene.

e. Counselling & guidance.

f. Spiritual mentorship.

Part of our demonstrated capacity has been witnessed through the following:-

i. Pioneers for soccer for peace Kenya, laughed in 2006.

ii. Eston group of companies Award; Most disciplined team 2010 Nairobi county.

iii. Orange Mabingwa soccer tournament 2010 kamukunji district soccer champs.

iv. Coordinators for Global peace festival –Kenya 2008 ( ACTIVITIES – Nairobi river clean-ups , and soccer peace cup)

v. Starehe ,Ziwani Harum cup youth soccer tournament – champs (2009).

vi. Twice (2) Run-up’s for under 12 years and under 13 years St John’s community centre (gender Based Violence)tournament 2010 & 2011.

vii. Champs Nairobi junior league organised by Moving mountain tours company.

viii. Foreign volunteers placement coordinators ( projects beyond).

ix. Global peace festival champs ,soccer for peace cup 2008.

x. Mathare youth sports Association Pumwani zone champs ( senior category ) 2010, 2011, 2012).

xi. Affiliated to Football Kenya Federation ( FKF) Under (CECAFA) (CAF) and (FIFA).

4. Thematic areas and their Context./Objectives.

1. Talent Identification and Promotion (sports) .

2. School enrolment and retention.

3. Economic Empowerment for educative on income generating opportunities.

4. Good Governance, Leadership and Devolution.

5. Network building and Organisational Capacity Building.

5. Specific Objectives, Expected Results, Activities

Specific Objective One

1. Engage youths in positive activities ,keeping them away from negative activities.


(i) Reduction in drug abuse.

(ii) Reduction in criminal activities/ violence and extremism.

(iii) Reduction of gender based violence , HIV/AIDS, And other STD’S.

Objective One Expected Outcomes ACTIVITIES

(i) Soccer tournament – Theme ;Health on dangers of drug abuse in relation to HIV/AISD and other STD’S.

(ii) Soccer tournament. Theme ; on child right and family matters

(iii) Soccer tournament –Theme; Sensitization on peace and conflict resolution.

(iv) Youth workshop - Theme ; Effects of crime and youth character change initiative.

(v) Workshop - Theme; Health on dangers of drug abuse in relation to HIV/AISD and other STD’S.

(vi) Workshop -Theme ; Peace and conflict resolution.

(vii) Workshop -Theme ; Gender based violence.

Specific Objective Two

2. Encourage on school enrolment and retention.


1. Increase in school enrolment in school going children.

2. Reduction in school dropout.

Objective One Expected Outcomes ACTIVITIES

(i) Parents sensitization workshop. Theme ; family matters / discorded partners.

(ii) Children mentorship programs. Theme ; Self identity,lifeskills ,child rights.

Specific Objective Three

3. Create income generating opportunities for our youths.


(i) Knowledgeable youths on basic entrepreneurship.

(ii) Alternative entrepreneurs.

Objective One Expected Outcomes ACTIVITIES

(i) Workshop on Enterprise and alternative complementally entrepreneurship.

(ii) Have an income generating activity .

Objective Four

4. To create platform for the youths to understand the basics of the constitution which is the highest instrument of governance.


(i) Increased awareness on responsibilities and obligations.

(ii) Lesser conflicts with law enforcement agencies, hence reducing crime, violence and extremism (CVE).

Objective One Expected Outcomes ACTIVITIES

(i) Workshop on bill of rights.

(ii) Community dialogue involving all stake holders.

Objective Five

5. Network building and organizations capacity building.


(i) Sharing of experiences .

(ii) Acquisition of best practices.

Objective One Expected Outcomes ACTIVITIES

(i) Exposure visits by club officials .

(ii) exchange programs by club members with outreach friendly soccer games and group discussions with the same club members visited.

6. Methodology/Strategy

1. Sports

2. Workshops

3. Outreach and exchange programs.

Team Captain

Antony Makau Antony Makau

  1. Antony MakauAntony Makau 07/25/2014 at 11:34 AM ET
    determination knows no barrier , and one candle can light a thousand candles ,,, YOU are one of shinning candle waited by thousands of hopeless youths to light there future , be part of the action for positive change for ideal world.
  2. Antony MakauAntony Makau 07/25/2014 at 11:30 AM ET
    to build a functioning society where people live for the sake of others is posible when we all joine hands and put our hopes to our almighty God .