Soaring for SASS Skydiving Day!

A team for Sexual Assault Support Services

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This campaign already ended. We hope you like the results!

$5,655 raised of $5,000
($3,915 online, $1,865 offline)

Skydive and raise awareness and donations for the SASS Safe Kids Strong Teens prevention education program!

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Betsy Haley

Betsy's Soaring for SASS

$1,320 23


Brooke Dube

Sky Diving for our Seacoast Teens

$365 9


Caille Souza

Caille is Soaring for SASS - Safe Kids Strong Teens!!

$50 3


Jennifer Decker

Jen is Soaring for SASS

$1,210 40


Rochelle Jewell

Rochelle is Soaring for SASS!!

$425 6


Shari Souliere

Arms Wide Open

$1,380 42


fran addorisio

Fran's Soaring for SASS

$1,030 22

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Thank you for your interest in our SOARING for SASS Skydive event!

In addition to the thrill of skydiving, this is also an opportunity to raise funds to support the SASS Safe Kids Strong Teens prevention education program!

The total cost of the jump is $400. Participants are responsible for raising $325 (or more!) through your online fundraising page on Razoo and collecting donations, in addition to the $75 donation/deposit they have contributed to Skydive New England.


Call the SASS office 603-436-4107603-436-4107 or e-mail us at

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Team Captain

Kathy Beebe Kathy Beebe