"Small Hands, Big Hearts, Happy Monkeys"

A team for Kids Saving the Rainforest

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"Small Hands, Big Hearts, Happy Monkeys" is a team that is supporting the work of the nonprofit "Kids Saving the Rainforest".

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"Small Hands, Big Hearts" is a group of children who learn about important causes and use their small hands and big hearts to support them. We partner with other big hearted individuals in an effort to inspire one another and make the world a better place.

Several small hands recently learned about the endangered Titi Monkeys. These monkeys are threatened by roads and power lines that cut through their rainforests, and are saved by “blue rope bridges” that allow them safe passage between patches of trees. These blue rope bridges are built and maintained by a group called Kids Saving the Rainforest (KSTR). We have established this donation page as an easy way for our big hearted partners to support Kids Saving the Rainforest and the important work that they do.

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Ella, Sienna, Tyler & Hudson Smith Ella, Sienna, Tyler & Hudson Smith