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"Skaters United For Fitter Youth Organization" a team to help the American Diabetes Association, Inc....


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My maternal grandmother Beatrice Brunson was repeatedly in and out of the hospital for bronchial, diabetic, blood pressure treatments. One day I happen to visit her at the hospital and she uttered “Son you better take care of yourself before someone else has to.” As she departed this life, her words brought me to the realization that I was helpless to the detriments of the disease of Diabetes. With a heavy heart and the vision to keep her legacy alive, I set out on a journey to do whatever I could do to fight the disease that claimed my grandmother. After careful research I found that battle of a diabetic can be corrected if the individual changed their daily routine. Subsequently, our SKUFFY mantra was born; in order to battle of the attributes of Diabetes, Heart Disease, Obesity, and Inactivity, we instituted a health and wellness program that included Nutrition, Education, Recreation, and Participation.

The money raised will provide recreational and educational outlets to at risk youths and those currently involved in the constant battle of these dreaded diseases.

Our team goal is $20,000, which will go towards lining up special events such as bowling, aerobic boxing, roller skating, and tennis lessons for affected kids and adults. We plan to stage 4 events throughout the year that will teach and foster awareness, and the ideal of replacing an inactive lifestyle of computer games, etc., with the likes of various activities that will stimulate and motivate healthier lifestyle choices.

Our only rule is that we will not employ the use of sugary drinks or snacks. Nor will we employ the connections of companies who solicit alchoholic or tobacco products.

Any profit gained from any of our events will be donated to the American Diabetes Association on behalf of our organization (SKUFFY). Our main objective is to assist in stamping out diabetes and it’s life threatening complications one step at a time.

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Tyrone Brunson Tyrone Brunson

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