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"Shiloh's Supporters" is an initiative to help the Silver Lining Riding Program on-board the newest member of our therapy equestrian team!


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Anne Thorpe

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Help us on-board our newest member Shiloh!

We offer therapeutic horseback riding, along with other equine assisted activities and therapies (EAAT) in a safe, fun environment for people of all ages and all disabilities.

We are passionate about helping people and are dedicated to using an innovative family focused, holistic method tailored to each person’s unique needs and goals.

Silver Lining is a PATH Center Member


Shiloh was rescued in early February by a group in Tucson. While driving through a rural neighborhood, they noticed this mare who was skin and bones standing in 4 inches of her own waste. They approached the owner who agreed to “give up” the horse for $200 which they gladly paid. When evaluated later, she was found to be 200 hundred (yes, hundred) pounds under weight. Given that the horse stands under 14 hands, this is a considerable amount. The farrier removed two inches of hoof off her feet and she was treated for severe thrush and a fungus infection on her legs. She needs her teeth floated (you can hear how painful it is for her to chew) and all her shots (as we assume she’s never had any).

Normally SLR wouldn’t even consider a horse in this condition. However, when we evaluated her, she was bright and alert. And although she wasn’t sure what we were asking her to do, she was obviously trying to figure it out. She stood calmly while we groomed her and listened to what we were saying and doing. It was her calm demeanor and willingness to trust us that impressed us most.

It will take us a minimum of 90 days to get her to the point where she will be able to be used for lessons. First, we have to get her teeth done and get some weight on her. Then we can begin training. Food and boarding is $450 per month, we estimate a minimum of $500 is needed for vet costs, and $100 per month for supplements and medications for her malnutrition.

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