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To share the gospel and rescue women and children from the red light district.


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Jim Varghese

Jim and Leena Varghese

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Bombay Teen Challenge has been rescuing and restoring broken lives for over twenty years. Providing quality education to the young men and women that have been rescued creates an opportunity for them to find employment and escape the traps of poverty and the brothels. All proceeds will go to the Education Fund of Bombay Teen Challenge, a faith-based organization serving, since 1990, to rescue and rehabilitate those affected by the sex industry: survivors of sex trafficking, their at-risk children, and the desperate and destitute living on the streets and within the red light district of Mumbai.

The vision extends beyond the rescue of these victims from sex slavery, and into an era of restoration and limitless possibilites. We want these victims to reclaim their freedom by breaking the cycle of poverty and abuse through education. By empowering men, women and children with knowledge, we can open many doors to new opportunities and become one step closer to destroying the bonds of the red light district and the sex industry.

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Sarah Pache Sarah Pache

Raise awareness of the horror and hope in the red light district to propel communities into action