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Stop self-violence and give a second chance to a better life


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I've got a friend. She is a 37 years old woman. Pretty, clever, well educated. It seems it will be a normal story.

In 2012 she lost her job. And than something wrong started. She tried to find a new job, but it's harder than she thought. She lost everything what she built and she has livelihood problems. She lost her willpower in this two years and she had a rash act in two times. It's not a life and I feel responsibleness for her.

The main goals are:

- stop her self-violence because she merit a quality life, and the death is not a soluiton,

- collect donation to start a second life - based the reassembly,

- find a new job for her in Hungary or anywhere in the world.

Detaild goals:

- collecting donations: as I wrote, she has livelihood problems. She cannot buy food, cleaning supplies and essential things. So at first round - as soon as possible - she needs just a small amount to buy these things and pay her bills.

In the second round: she needs telephone and computer. These things will help in job seeking.

In the third round: she has to makes good the casualties (as I wrote she lost everything:books, furniture, clothes etc...)

Donation means: not just money. If you have a good job offer, or computer, or phone and everything useful, do not hesitate.

Team Captain

Laszlo Wagner Laszlo Wagner

i'd like to stop self-violence and help to my friend to live a better life