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Help us raise money to buy a plot of land and build a shelter.


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We want to buy a plot of land in Fairfax, VA and build an animal shelter. You may be wondering, what makes us different? Well, our team is made up of 13-year olds. We want to make a place where naimals can live, eat, and play. We have seen the terrors of a basic shelter, dogs in kennels on hard cold tile floor. Cats that aren't fed well, animals who are put down. Our shelter will not include any of the above. We were inspired by one of our member's pet hamster, who died recently. She was very dear to her owner and her best friend. The money you donate can help save lives and give animals a better life. For more information visit

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Gayathri Muthuraman Gayathri Muthuraman

We want to make a difference by building a safe place for stray & abandoned animals.