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A team raising money to develop universal accessibility recreational spaces and increase youth programming in the Fells!


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The Friends of the Middlesex Fells Reservation is dedicated to the protection and harmonious use of the Fells; promoting awareness, policies and programs to honor and preserve the ecological, historical and recreational resources of this urban forest reservation. We do this by:

1. Instill awareness and appreciation of the Fells as a valuable natural and historical resource which will foster a sense of stewardship within the larger community.

2. Develop programs for recreation, enjoyment, and study of the Fells which are harmonious with landscape and habitat.

3. In cooperation with others, develop and advocate for policies designed to preserve and protect the Fells Reservation.‚Äč

In an effort to raise valuable dollars to enhance programming, especially for area youth, develop stewardship projects that support the Massachusetts Department of Recreation and Conservation to preserve and protect the grounds of the Reservation, and to assist the DCR in creating ADA accessible spaces to ensure access and use of all people who desire to use the Fells as a place of respite, reflection, and recreation, we have a goal to raise $5,000.

Funds raised will support the creation of after school programming and the creation of an ADA accesible bathroom at the Botume House, the home of the Fells visitor center.

Please support us in our efforts. Every dollar raised will go a long way toward helping us reach our goals!

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