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Celebrate Safe Kids Day 2013 by walking for safe kids in New York City! Our coalition is fundraising to support injury prevention programs.


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Safe Kids NYC is a coalition of educators, health care professionals, safety experts and child advocates that is devoted to helping keep the children healthy and free from unintentional injuries. We address risk areas such as traffic incidents, fires, burns, drowning, falls, choking, suffocation and poisoning.

Some of our goals:

  • Provide leadership in the community through injury prevention programs and initiatives

  • Encourage advocacy and achieve safety improvements through public policy and best practices

  • Raise overall community awareness about injury incidence and prevention through the media and public education.

  • Distribute lifesaving products such as smoke/carbon detectors, bike helmets and child car seats

  • Provide education to parents and childcare providers through workshops, conferences and publications

On May 18, 2013 Safe Kids Worldwide celebrates Safe Kids Day. Visit to learn more about the initiative. Here in New York City, our coalition will be holding a fundraiser to support our injury prevention activities.

Join the team!

Between now and May 18th ask your friends and family to support your walk. They can donate online through this secure website or can give you cash or check donations.

Those who raise $50 or more will recieve a Safe Kids Day T-Shirt.

If someone wants to walk with you, they are welcome! They can be added to the fundraising team, if they choose.

On Saturday, May 18th, join Safe Kids NYC at Chelsea Plaza on 9th Avenue & West 14th Street in Manhattan from Noon - 3 pm. Throughout the afternoon teams will take turns walking the Highline, a beautiful mile-long elevated park. Other Safe Kids activities are being planned for the day.

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