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"Give a dollar, Catch a Dream" a team fundraiser to support the SERVICE FOR PEACE Community of Peace in KENYA.


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Since November, 2010, Service For Peace in Kenya developed a Dream-Catcher Library for a Home and School for rescued children.

Through organized service projects, the library was completed with the support of local and international volunteers.

The Dream-Catcher Library library is one of Service For Peace's model projects to change the fortunes of disadvantaged communities by providing the opportunity to capture and nurture their dreams by:

- Improving the learning opportunities for these communities.

- Expanding the culture of reading books.

- Utilizing the library as a centre to promote for service initiatives, education, resource and communication, and the promotion of literacy.

Current Needs:

- To equip and stock the library with books, both academic and non-academic to include journals, story books, magazines and other literature and supplies.

- To support four of the girls in URGENT need of scholarship to join third year of high school as the school has capacity only till second year. For only $100 a girls, the schoool will be able to send them to a nearby day school.

- To develop classrooms to support the third and fourth year of high school for other students.

Other Initiatives:

- Literacy programs for the community around the Home and School

- Sustainable livelihood through agriculture - to assist the home to produce its own supply for food and also supply the community around.

- Ongoing health outreach clinics to raise awareness and support the health needs of the children and the community.

Our Appeal: We need 20,000 people who can 'Give one dollar to support a Dream' for the children and the community!

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