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This campaign already ended. We hope you like the results!

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"Run your Race of Hope" a team of creative individuals who want to make a difference by raising awareness here, while changing lives there.


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June Blanshan

Team Ignite

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  • Theodore J Coon: Good luck with the run. I hope you all do well!
    about Team Ignite
  • June Blanshan: Just as noted in our photo, we are three very different women and...
    about Team Ignite

Welcome to Team Ignite!

This site allows you to create your own fundraising site right here in Razoo where your friends can donate directly to your cause (Ignite South Africa, Print Hope) while you keep track of your fundraising goals & achievements.

Amanda, Jill, and June are running the Harrismith Mountain Race with proceeds going to Print Hope. Click on the Team Ignite link from the Leaderboard to see an example and their fundraising site.

Let everyone know that all donations given through Razoo are tax deductible and will go directly to Ignite South Africa. They will receive a printed receipt for tax purposes as well, leaving you with nothing to take care of!

What are the steps?
Determine your fundraiser:
Raise pledges for a walk/run, hold a bake sale, car wash, dinner or dance- be creative!
Create your own page, use the "fundraise" tab to the right which will walk you through the process.

Then begin raising awareness by posting your Razoo fundraising ticker on your blog or facebook page.
Tweet and Instagram your efforts with #printhope
Share your story with others and invite them to join you.

Here are a few fundraising goals and incentives:

Remember that every $2 buys a curriculum book – every handful of change makes a substantial difference!

If you raise $400, you will supply 200 kids with curriculum, and we’ll send you a Print Hope t-shirt for free. Once you’ve reached that goal, email us directions on the size of your shirt and where you want it sent.

If you raise $1,000, you get to select an authentic Djembe drum or a Basotho wool blanket from South Africa as our thank you.

Follow these links for more information about Print Hope and Ignite South Africa, and thank you for partnering with us and joining our team!

Team Captain

June Blanshan June Blanshan