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Running the North Face Endurance Challenge 10K for Generation Life. Building a culture of life by spreading the message of chastity!


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On May 4th, we will be running the North Face Endurance Challenge 10K at Bear Mountain State Park to raise awareness of and support the mission of Generation Life, a movement of young adult missionaries in Philadelphia, New York, and across the Midwest who visit middle schools, high schools, and college campuses to share the loving message of true human sexuality.

We also have a brother team, the Mountain Marathoners for Life and Love, running the North Face Endurance Challenge Marathon on May 3rd to raise money for Good Counsel Homes, an organization that houses and cares for homeless, expectant, and new mothers and their children.

What began as summer conferences at Drexel and Villanova Universities in 2001, Generation Life has since become an organization of four full-time missionary teams who have reached hundreds of thousands of young people throughout the country and beyond. While Generation Life seeks to share with young people the good news of saving sex for marriage, they challenge them to understand that embracing this truth actually changes one's entire lifestyle. Generation Life tries to expose the empty promises of our sex-saturated culture and all the pain they cause, and instead invites young people to the banquet of true human sexuality that satisfies every heart's desire for love, life and joy.

To do this work, Generation Life relies completely on donations - each missionary must also do his or her own fundraising! So please help us support the organization as a whole that more young people may come to experience the glorious freedom that comes through living the message of true human sexuality.

Apart from Generation Life, we will also be running with the intention that all obstacles be removed that prevent our culture from accepting this message of life and love. Know that as we are preparing for the race, we'll be praying for the healing, grace, and peace both in your lives and ours!

May God bless you and reward you abundantly!

Much love, thanks, and prayers!

In Christ,

Runners 4 Life and Love

Team Captain

Megan Genn Megan Genn