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"Run For Youth": Leadership Long Beach (LLB) Marathon runners raising funds for the 15th year of Youth Leadership Long Beach program.

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Pedro Jimenez

Run for Youth

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Rolando Cruz

Run for Youth

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Ryan Rayburn

Run for Youth

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Youth Leadership Long Beach

Run for Youth

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  • michael kelley: GO GO GO!
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  • lorelei estrada: Have a great run...for a great cause!
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  • Steve Bogoyevac: Good Luck Ryan!
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  • Michael G Derk: Good luck this weekend Ryan!
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  • Pedro Jimenez: Thank You Laura!!! You are awesome!
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  • Laura George: I just put in an odd number so it would get you to your goal of $1,000.
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  • kathleen louise crum: Pedro, Have a great run and thanks for what you are doing.
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  • Pedro Jimenez: Thank you all that have stepped up so far...It felt great reading all of your...
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  • precious querubin: PEDRO! Good luck buddy! Cheering on it's awesome that your raising money for...
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  • Michael D Lewis: Hey Pedro! Ready to run? We're ready to support! RUN ON!!!
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  • Melody Ngaue Tuuholoaki: We got your back Pedro! Run for the Youth! We are so proud! Your fellow...
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  • David Stumpo: Fantastic cause and thinking of you every the finish line.
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  • Teresa Gomez: You go Pedro!! Know that we are all with you! Adelante!...
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  • Bradley Laskowski: RUN Pedro RUN!
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  • Nancy Wise: GO rock! Thanks for support a great cause :)
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  • Michelle Kiss: Go Pedro!! Will be there along the way in spirit cheering you on!!...
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  • Brina Marie Romero-Montano: thank you Pedro for running - cannot wait to meet the youth, tomorrows...
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  • Catherine Monty: We are with you! Catherine & Alex
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  • Rolando Cruz: I support you in all your efforts, especially when you help out the youth....
    about Run for Youth

LLB Board President, Rolando Cruz LLBI '10, is running in this year's Long Beach Marathon with the goal to raise money for the Youth Leadership Long Beach program. He wants any LLB alumni, family and friends to join him in raising funds for Youth Leadership Long Beach and run with him at the 2013 Long Beach Marathon on Sunday, October 13.

Joining Rolando in running the full marathon is current class member Pedro Jimenez, LLBI '14. He is up to the challenge of not only running the full marathon, but raising dollars for Youth Leadership Long Beach.

Also running in the marathon are Board members Ryan Rayburn, LLBI '13 and Tony Foster LLBI '10. They are only running in the Half Marathon, but they are raising the same amount for Youth Leadership Long Beach. LLB runners can either run the full marathon with Rolando and Pedro or the half marathon with Ryan and Tony and raise money for YLLB.

  • Accept the challenge today! Run and Raise Money!
  • Contributions are 100% tax-deductible.
  • Ask if your company matches contributions. If so, your donation can have an even bigger impact!

Beginning in late September, Youth Leadership Long Beach will have its 15th program year and we expect to serve the largest number of youth from our Long Beach area schools. The Youth Leadership Long Beach (YLLB) program started out as a class project for the LLBI Class of 1995. Now, it has blossomed to over 35 youth from nine local high schools

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