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Run For Their Lives - 5k Run - Pearl Crisis Center and T.A.D.A

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Run For Their Lives - 5k Run - Sponsored by 'Pearl Battered Women's Resource Center" and "T.A.D.A." (Teens Against Dating Abuse)


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Hey friends, family, and strangers I would love to meet!!!
This September I will be participating in a 5K run to support Mille Lacs Counties "Pearl Battered Women's Shelter". This wonderful organization not only changes the lives of women who are suffering from abusive relationships, they have also changed my life and many others, simply because of their love for the community and everyone as a whole!!

They are also the founder of a fantastic organization called "Teens Against Dating Abuse" or "TADA" for... short. This group is an organization that I was also one of the founding members, they lobby at the capitol and penatrate the school systems with support groups and anti abuse encouragement.

I hope that if you are not able to also run or walk, or come support that you will find it in your heart to make a donation towards this wonderful non-profit organization!!!!

All funding that I raise will go directly to help our community and world!!! Please help me "RUN FOR THEIR LIVES"

Check out the event page here:

Website is:

Pearl supports the community with resources that allow battered people to get help and encouragement to make a change in their lives. Often people become blinded by what is comfortable, blinded by what they have come to know as “their” life. And although the life they live is unhealthy for themselves, their kids, their family and their friends, they continue to live a life of routine.

Naturally we as humans find comfort in something that doesn’t change, something routine. This becomes the truth that we live daily, too afraid of the unknown, yet it is broken by what we do know.

Pearl believes in changing this, believes that all deserve a helping hand, is simply someone who believes we are capable and strong enough to take a dirty piece of brutally rough sand and changing it through time and hard work into the world’s most beautiful pearl.

Changing a life of the intolerable into a life of the beautifully unthinkable. Pearl is that ‘current’ pushing us to keep believing that our lives can and will be beautiful. Simply, creating lives that may resemble pearls.

Team Captain

Tony Hallin Tony Hallin