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"Run for Rice" – Helping Provide Nutritious Food to the Green Gecko Project. (


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Our team has committed to Run for Rice this December!

We will be running The Angkor Wat International Half Marathon to raise money to provide nutritious food to the Green Gecko Project in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Our team members all have personal experience working at Green Gecko, so we’ve seen first-hand the great work they do and the change they bring about. We’ve been watching the Geckos’ wonderful journeys unfold over time.

Currently – and amongst many other initiatives – the Green Gecko Project provides nutritious meals to more than 90 former street kids and 18 staff members every day of the year, as well as weekly nutrition packs for the children’s 32 families. Balanced meals consisting of fresh vegetables and meat are served three times a day along with fruit snacks in the morning and afternoon … and of course RICE is served with every meal.

The average monthly bill for Green Gecko’s fresh produce, including a whopping 3250 kilos of RICE, is around $8,300 USD.

3250 kilos of rice sounds like a lot – and $8,300 USD is a lot of money – but with more than 10,000 meals to be served per month, this offers balanced nutrition for all at less than 85 cents a meal.

Feeding the Green Gecko family is an expensive task, but hungry kids cannot learn and hungry adults cannot work, so much is sure.

We hope that you can help us help them get the rice and nutrition they need for one month.

For more about the Green Gecko Project, visit

To follow our journey, join our Facebook page:

Awkun chran -- Thank you.

FANTASTIC NEWS for Green Gecko and for everyone who is supporting – or still plans to support – the RunForRice team in our Angkor half-marathon effort to raise money to buy rice for the kids at the Green Gecko Project in Siem Reap, Cambodia. We have found a way to turn every dollar raised into two dollars!

We are delighted to announce that Ibis Rice has agreed to support RunForRice and the Green Gecko Project by very generously pledging to match any quantity of rice purchased with the money we raise. This means that your donations now will have double the impact – every dollar donated to RunForRice is worth two dollars! For every kilo of rice we will buy with your money, Green Gecko will get an extra kilo of rice for free thanks to Ibis Rice.

If there was ever a good moment to support Green Gecko – and the hard-training runners from RunForRice – it is now. We hope that in these last weeks leading up to 7 December, you can help us reach our fundraising target at and deliver double the amount of rice Green Gecko gets!

By the way, you can read more about Ibis rice here:

Ibis Rice is a conservation enterprise. It provides local communities with an economic incentive to engage in conservation, by offering farmers a premium price for their rice if they agree to abide by conservation agreements that are designed to protect the rare water birds and other species that use the protected areas in Cambodia. Ibis Rice is served in many hotels, restaurants and cafes and can be bought in a number of retail outlets throughout Cambodia.

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Dessa Shuckerow Dessa Shuckerow

Eradicate Malnutrition!