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Manish Bhargava

Fundraising for Children's Hunger Fund

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Sheeva Chopra

Fundraising for Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Dallas

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Ramesh Bhargava

Fundraising for Learning Center for Deaf Children, Inc.

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Priyanka Khanna

Fundraising for Children's Hunger Fund

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Seema Sharma

Fundraising for TOYS 4 SMILES

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Vipul Kapoor

Fundraising for Pratham USA

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Vipul Kapoor

Fundraising for Doctors Without Borders, USA

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RISHI Khanna

Fundraising for TOYS 4 SMILES

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Geetika Tiwari


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On November 4, 2012, Dallas Running Club (DRC) and Run for a Life (RFAL) as part of DRC's Half Marathon & 5k, bring to you our first ever Million Dollar Run.

Join us. Change yourself. Change the World.


Hi! My name is Manish Bhargava.

So every often, I have wanted to make a difference in this world. So very often, I have wanted to start something that leaves a lasting impact on the lives of people. So very often, I have made plans only to succumb to my fears – what if I fail? what will people think? Dreams and desires that never transform into reality.

I decided to participate in a 5k last year after realizing that big changes in our lives happen as a result of the small ones that we make. I decided that I no longer wanted to live life passively. From one work day to the next. From one weekend to the next. There is no satisfaction in that. There is no glory in that. I wanted to make a difference to myself, to the world we live in and promised myself to do that no matter how small the endeavor.

The 5k, last year, is one of the most invigorating things I have ever done because, with every step I took, I knew I was changing myself, and making a difference in the lives of many many others. It helped me get my health back on track; it helped me feel a strong sense of accomplishment, having raised money for causes special to me. Most importantly, it helped me conquer the demons of laziness, procrastination, fear and ambiguity that constantly take shelter in our hearts and minds. I am hoping that at this year’s race all of you join my quest in transforming ourselves, our bodies and the lives of people around us.

DRC is the largest running and walking club in DFW and the race in November is their largest race of the year. We are setting our participants a goal of raising $1,000 each. This is just a goal and not a requirement for participation in the race. But we are confident that if you reach out to your friends and family you can each raise $1,000. Just think, that if a thousand of us do this, we would have raised ONE Million Dollars in ONE day for the causes that are we identify with.

One Million Dollars.

Sound likes a lot, right? Trust me, if we work at it together, it isn’t hard to raise. Before I ran last year, I set myself a goal to raise $2,500. I raised $3,626. And since I matched every donation – that amounted to a total of $7,252. All raised in just 18 days. I did it thanks to my friends and family. I truly feel if I can do it – each and every one of you can too. I was initially fearful but I soon realized that people that care about us, want us to exceed our goals. More importantly they want to be contributors in the positive actions that we take to make changes in our lives.

I also set myself a goal to lose 15 pounds. I was over 225 pounds – more than 50 pounds over my ideal body weight. My body was in worse shape than ever before. I didn’t know where to start. But I did start. And at the end of the 2 month training I had lost close to 25 pounds. The journey to meet these goals and the feeling after achieving them is like nothing else I have ever experienced. I will forever cherish the appreciation I received from the charities involved and the people that continue to tell me, that I have inspired them. All, as a result of just participating in a short 5k.

I want the same or more for you.

I know each and every one of us can exceed any goal we set ourselves. So besides the $1,000 goal, maybe you want to lose weight. Perhaps you have been thinking about it for a while but cannot muster enough desire, discipline and determination to see it through. What better way, than to set a goal for a distance - for a time - for a date and, for an amount of weight loss all in one shot. And how about emphatically announcing it to all your friends and family so that you know you have no option to back out.

Or maybe you want to raise money for a cause very special or personal to you. Maybe you are trying to get out and conquer your own demons. Maybe you are an avid runner and want to beat your time for a 5k. Or maybe you are just thankful for the many gifts life has afforded you and want to give back.

Whatever the reason, I know all of you – each and every one of you -- wants to make a difference.

So our team and our focus for this race, is for change – Change Inside & Out.

No matter what your goal, we are on this quest together. A quest to condition our minds, condition our bodies, condition our thoughts - to keep moving, keep changing for the better so we can change this world for the better.

I promise you that your life will never be the same again – mentally and physically. I promise you the money you raise will make a massive difference to your sense of well being and, the lives that you impact with the donations you collect. I promise to provide you support and motivation all the way. And I promise you the journey will be even better than the reward.

Just ask yourself - can anything bad come out of this? If the answer is no, then don’t hesitate anymore and click the button to join our team.

Open your eyes. Give yourself an honest look in the mirror. Listen to the voice inside of you. I can bet it’s saying -- No more excuses !!!!! The time is now.

1,000 runners or walkers

Raising $1,000 each

Taking a few thousand steps together

To raise $1,000,000


Change yourself. Change the World.

Become a Million Dollar Runner.

Love always,

Manish Bhargava,

Run for a Life

Saving Lives. One Step at a Time.

Team Captain

Manish Bhargava Manish Bhargava