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"Ruff & Ready" a team to help the RUFF START RESCUE INC... They may look a little Ruff on the outside but they are Ready to be adopted.


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We are dog and cat lovers who believe in second chances, not just for the animals in the shelters but for the people who rescue them. Many of the members on our team have rescued pets living in their homes. They have become an integral part of our families and we love them dearly. We are participating in this fund raiser because we believe in the animals in the shelter and believe that they would make a great pet, if given the second chance.

See beyond the matted coat or the shy behavior. With a little TLC any one of the animals at Ruff Start Rescue can become that fabulous pet that you will talk of for many years after they have completed their circle of life. They may look a little RUFF on the outside but they are READY to love you and become a member of your family.

Please help us help the animals that are fortunate enough to make it to Ruff Start Rescue by adopting one. If that's not a possibility for you please help us with a donation. Every penny is appreciated.

Team Captain

Mikki Schafer Mikki Schafer

Since I can't take EVERY dog home I want to help out financially

  1. Mikki SchaferMikki... 03/20/2014 at 04:05 PM ET
    Co-Captain is Kathy Fitschen