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This campaign already ended. We hope you like the results!

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RSI's "Roughing it-Recreation Committee"- Joel Longtine and Roni Horak camp out in the Winter Wonderland.


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"RSI's "Roughing it" Recreation Committee " Joel Longtine and Roni Horak are looking to have some outdoor fun and creativity with their efforts to raise funds for recreation and other valuable extracurricular events that clients often don't have the funds to make happen. Roni & Joel have recently joined forces in re-designing RSI's Recreation Committee. The value of recreation in our lives is critical and they are going out of their way to make a point. On December 5th, during the Northland Winter, they are camping outdoors in the RSI parking lot. Starting at 3:30, they will start getting ready for their overnight adventure by making camp outside the RSI office, and YOU are invited to join us at any time for social time, make a smore, roast a marshmallow, do some holiday caroling, have a cup of hot chocolate and come up with some great recreational ideas for the 2012 year. If we are sitting outdoors overnight, then we met our goal and raised our 4,000 and we want your help coming up with some great ways to improve our recreational outlets at RSI.

Please help Roni & Joel reach their goal Wednesday November 16th MN GIVE day. Any donation is progress toward the goal.

Now, if you know any of these characters, the story isn't going to stop here of of course. Stay tuned. And remember, it's about roughing it in the Winter Wonderland, so coffee and breakfast over a fire in the morning it is! You got fire wood right Joel??? You bringing drums Joel? Bring ear plugs! Roni's going to be whining, she doesn't even have a tent yet.

STAY TUNED FOR UPDATES!!!! More RSI members might join in on the braveness.

Jacob Lindquist just joined our team, he is hanging a hammock in the trees for the Winter Wonderland Adventure.

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