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Our team will swim across Lake Tahoe to raise funds for a scholarship which perpetuates the memory and values of Ron Freeman, our goalie.


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Don Nelson

Fundraising for Monta Vista High School

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As a fitting tribute to Ron, Monta Vista High School has created the Ron Freeman Memorial Scholarship. Our relay team's goal is to fund this scholarship in perpetuity. This scholarship spotlights and sustains an important lesson Ron Freeman taught us: inpirational leadership is best face to face and in person - not on a computer.

Our relay team is a group of 1970's alumni from two high schools located in Cupertino, California. We were inspired back then by Ron Freeman, "Polar Bear", our teammate, friend, and goalie. Ron went on to teach and coach at our rival, Monta Vista High School for over 30 years until he passed away suddenly of a heart attack on Friday, January 21, 2011. Ron is kindly remembered for inspiring students, athletes, opponents, coworkers, and friends. Interestingly, Ron did not use Facebook. Ron excelled at social networking the old fashioned way - in person and face to face. Ron's enormous impact on thousands of people is evident through inspiring memorial pages created on Facebook and this one hosted by Monta Vista High School:

Our six man Trans Tahoe Relay team is called "Home Vista", a hybrid name based on two high schools located in Silicon Valley: Homestead and Monta Vista. Five of us attended Homestead and one Monta Vista. The 2013 Trans Tahoe Relay is scheduled for July 20, 2013 and more information about this event can be found at the following site:

Please consider making an online donation in support of our relay team and the Ron Freeman Memorial Scholarship. Razoo directly redistributes the funds to the Monta Vista High School Ron Freeman scholarship fund.

Any support is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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