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Raise Money for the Bring Back The Reef Campaign


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The money we raise will go towards the Materials Cost of the Artificial reefs, such as contrete and fiberglass.

Next the money will go towards The Labor to build these reefs.

Money will go towards the Installation of these reefs

Next the Reefs are filled with Coral, and tracked by university research programs(so hopefully no money has to go towards this, however in remote areas where no Universities will go, we can put money towards developoing a Private research team and companies to conduct the reserearch.

Money will go towards Advertising to get more Donations

Money will go towards our BringBackTheReef Non Profit Dive Shop, which can turn into a Non Profit Franchise. Here we will teach dive lessons, do dive tours, and sell merchandise. All profits will go towards employees payroll, maintaining and growing the business, and towards the reef cause itself.

Here is the vision. If we can build 5 reefs off the coast of miami beach, than we can build 15. If we can build 15 off the Florida Coast, than we can build and install 45. If we can build and install 45, than that means a marine contractor in Texas can likely build and install at least 5 in lets say 1 yrs time if he agreed to help with the program, that is also paying him for his work.

We will fabricate, approve, and develop the first designs, we will then offer these designs to the other contractors so they can try to fabricate them on their own. (Money will go towards this)

Next they will install the Reefs.

If they are only interested in installing, and not building.

Than we will have to hire a company, or develop a team in that area to build the reefs, and hire the local contractor to install the reefs.

This is an international effort, that will start in miami, and spread to as many reef locations as possible.

On our company website, we will track not only our efforts, but others direct related to our reef installation efforts.

In addition we will track other reef installations happening worldwide that are not directly part of our effort.

If we all work together, we just may be able to enjoy the reefs after 20 yrs.

Team Captain

Peter Frank Peter Frank

Take this vision of building reefs that we all share and turn into our reality