Roca Blanca Mission Trip 2011

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Reaching out to the people in Oaxaca Mexico. Sharing the love of Jesus Christ to the lost through compassionate outreaches.


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Liberty Christian Fellowship is sending four members to Roca Blanca Mission base in Oaxaca Mexico to reach and minister to the poor and lost in that region. Mark, Coraleen, Chuck, and Rebekah are traveling to the Roca Blanca Mission Base the week of November 19th through November 26, 2011. During that week, we will be involved in outreaches that include medical clinics, schools, children ministry, evangelism, and food distribution. We will travel to various villages in the area to reach people with needs and share the love of Jesus Christ. Through these outreaches, local churches will be formed and grow.

We need to raise money for the trip down there for the 4 of us going to cover the land costs at Roca Blanca and the airfare. Please give what you can to help expand God's Kingdom and help people that need both the services we can help provide and those who need to learn about Jesus.

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