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Build, in five minutes or less, your fundraising page for your upcoming Roadmonkey expedition volunteer project!


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Greetings, Roadmonkeys.

Here's how to create your fundraising web page for your upcoming expedition's volunteer project in 5 minutes or less:

1. Click the green "Fundraise" button over there -->

2. At the next page A) type the name of the nonprofit organization we listed in the email we sent you about fundraising, and B) type the name of the project (which we also included in that same email we sent you.)

3. On the next page, upload photos that we sent you in, yes, that very same email we sent you.

4. From there, the steps are clear and simple. Use the text we've sent you via email (you know which email we're talking about by now) to describe your project, whom it benefits, why it's important and why you're doing it. You'll inspire the people that care about you.

5. Fill in the amount you want to raise and the deadline date for doing it, and...

You're on your way to making the world a lil' bit better...

Team Captain

paul von zielbauer paul von zielbauer