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Road to Hope 2016-Team Durham

A team for Law Enforcement United, Inc.

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"Road to Hope 2016-Team Durham" a team to help the Law Enforcement United, Inc....


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Andre Richards

Andre Richards 2016 Road to Hope

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Jackie Knight

Jackie Knight's 2016 Road to Hope

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Roger Lafferty

Roger Lafferty - 2016 Law Enforcement United "Road To Hope"

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This year the Durham Police Department has created its own team to participate and raise funds for the 2016 Law Enforcement United Road to Hope. Law Enforcement United provides support to the families of officers killed in the line of duty.

Please consider donating to this great cause and our great team. You do have to pick an individual team member to donate to the team goal, but all of the funds raised go to the same place to do the most good for the grieving families. So don't feel bad about picking a favorite!

LEU Supports the Officer Down Memorial Page. Our contributions support the following programs:

  • Officer Memorials
    • 21,019 individual officer memorials published on ODMP
    • 1,031 (5%) of those memorials were historical additions discovered by ODMP research
    • 2,658 (13%) memorials have been updated in the past year with new or expanded information.
  • Line of Duty Death Notifications (2011 stats)
    • With LEU's help, this list grew from under 2,000 subscribers in January 2011 to over 20,000 by the end of the year
    • 164 LODD notifications were sent in 2011, totaling over 1.7 million individual emails
    • The email alerts generated 654,125 visits to memorials
      • each email includes the LEU logo and states, "These notifications are made possible through a generous contribution from Law Enforcement United."
    • ODMP works with C.O.P.S. to update and maintain this information for the benefit of survivors.
    • ODMP K-9 Page
  • No Parole for Cop Killers
    • Program started in September 2011 with support from LEU
    • 28 campaigns have completed, with all 28 cop-killers being denied parole
    • 11 campaigns are either active or pending parole board results
    • 39,697 No Parole letters have been generated *does not include online submissions, where available.
    • 28 email alerts have been sent, totaling 195,429 individual emails sent

Law Enforcement United also provides Survivor Benefits to the family

  • Survivor Benefits

ODMP publishes a database of 482 benefits available to surviving family member

7 Federal benefits

      • 362 State benefits
      • 19 Local benefits
      • 94 Private benefits

Types of benefits include:

      • Death Benefit Payment
      • Education / Scholarships
      • Pension
      • Workers Comp
      • Health Insurance
      • and more

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Jackie Knight Jackie Knight