RLT Divas! 2013


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This campaign already ended. We hope you like the results!

$13,239 raised of $15,000

Every dollar raised is a vote for your favorite diva!


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Dena Byers

Dena Byers fundraising for RLT Divas! 2013

$3,515 67


Carrie Santiago

Carrie Santiago fundraising for RLT Divas! 2013

$1,760 33


Barney Weaver

Barney Weaver fundraising for RLT Divas! 2013 1

$1,360 18


Tina Morris-Anderson

Tina Morris-Anderson fundraising for RLT Divas! 2013: Let's win a Tiara for Tina!

$1,315 17


Dennis Poole

Dennis Poole fundraising for RLT Divas! 2013

$1,045 13


Timothy Locklear

Timothy Locklear fundraising for RLT Divas! 2013

$922 29


Tyanna West

Tyanna West fundraising for RLT Divas! 2013

$760 8


Tony Hefner

Tony Hefner fundraising for RLT Divas! 2013

$700 13


Brett Yates

Brett Yates fundraising for RLT Divas! 2013

$618 5


Natalie Turgeon

Support RLT by donating to my 2013 Divas Fund!

$589 13


Tim Cherry

Tim Cherry fundraising for RLT Divas! 2013

$475 12


Renee Wimberley

Renee Wimberley fundraising for RLT Divas! 2013

$385 4

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Raleigh Little Theatre (RLT) is a welcoming community utilizing theatre to enrich, educate, entertain and engage volunteers, students, and audiences of all ages. RLT was formed in 1936, making it one of the oldest continuously operating community theatres in the country. We offer year-round entertainment, education and community programs. RLT showcases 11 productions each year, with more than 150 performances. No other theatre in North Carolina produces as many shows.

The Divas! event began in 2005 as an exciting and fun way to raise funds in support of RLT. Each Fall, a dozen divas that have graced the stage at RLT compete in this friendly fundraising competition. Every dollar raised is a vote for your favorite diva. Whoever raises the most money is crowned Raleigh Little Theatre's 2013 Diva!

So "vote" now and give often to support your favorite diva and Raleigh Little Theatre!

Team Captain

Anna Spell Miller Anna Spell Miller

  1. Anna Spell MillerAnna Spell... 11/07/2013 at 03:33 PM ET
    Hey divas! We are just a few days away! Just a reminder, Razoo donations can be entered until 11:59pm Friday night. We have raised more than$12,000 online for RLT!! Thank you all so much for all of your hard work!
  2. Anna Spell MillerAnna Spell... 10/28/2013 at 04:46 PM ET
    Wowsa, y'all! We've posted over $4,000 in Divas gifts today...through Razoo, sponsorships, and checks/cash y'all dropped off...Thanks so much for all your hard work on behalf of RLT!!
  3. Charles PhaneufCharles... 10/10/2013 at 05:03 PM ET
    Wow, y'all! Nearing the $5k mark! Who will put us over the top of that milestone?!
  4. Anna Spell MillerAnna Spell... 10/07/2013 at 10:24 AM ET
    Good job once again! We're over $3,000 in just a week...let's keep this positive momentum going!
  5. Anna Spell MillerAnna Spell... 10/01/2013 at 10:46 AM ET
    WOW! We've made some great progress in the past week - we're over $2,000!! Nicely done, y'all! Can we make it over $3,000 for next week??