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A place where homeless individuals can go to get back on their feet. Mentors will teach vital skills to implement into a new life!


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When this operation is running at full speed, the process will go like this. Volunteers will be in every city possible. Their mission will be to educate homeless individuals on the street about "Revive" Life Camp. The individuals who are interested will then be given a physical (to make sure that they are capable to go through Life Camp). If they pass the physical, they will then be given all information about the Camp.(It will last 6 months, they will be taught everything necessary to succeed in society. Physical education/training, finances, & on the job field training. They will choose from a list of the highest demanded jobs in America that will be obtainable, and be informed, when close to completion of training, what cities would have the most openings for that job field. They will be taught so much more that will "Revive" their life.) Mission Statement:The Ripple Effect of every Individual that has gone from nothing to everything is immeasurable. Touch the hearts of those less fortunate by the giving of empowerment. They will, in turn, do the same for others in need.




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