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"Rescue Ride" is a team riding their bikes and raising funds/awareness to rescue child soldiers in Southeast Asia and Latin America.


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Our team is made up of people who love Jesus, his children, and biking. We plan on riding the famous Katy Trail in Missouri (264.6 miles!) in early October 2011 to raise awareness and funds to rescue child soldiers in SE Asia and Latin America.

In these regions, there are hundreds of thousands of CHILD soldiers in the national armies. The soldiers are between the ages of 3 and 17, with 1/3 of them being female. Many of these kids joined the armies because they were orphans and had nowhere else to go...many were sold by parents, abandoned, or kidnapped and forced to serve. These children face an array of abuses, including physical, sexual, verbal, emotional, and psychological.

We think this is WRONG.

Our raised funds will go to Project AK-47, an organization dedicated to negotiating the release of these children, rehabilitating them, and re-integrating them back into society.

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