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PALS volunteers will attend a large commercial breeding auction in hopes of rescuing dogs from being purchased by other breeders.


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We at PALS are soon to head south to New Sharon where yet another dog breeder is forced to close up shop. We are not going to prove anything, we are not going to create any statement, or to video any alleged neglect. We are going to attempt to purchase dogs that have not had these things: grass under their paws, ever; slept on a bed or snuggled under the covers with an owner; children to run and play with and playmates to chase. These dogs/puppies have not heard laughter from their owner’s when the dog wiggles and runs. These dogs have never lived nor spread the joy that defines the human/canine bond that so many of us relish. There is something we can do!

Members of PALS choose to answer the call. As we witnessed two years ago in Missouri, unscrupulous breeders will line up, cash in hand, to force these animals into the same fate, different cage. PALS is one of several rescue groups that will gather there and can slow the pace of this cruel industry by buying as many as our budget will allow.

PALS will not use any of its operational funds currently in the bank for this mission. Those donations are for the expressed care of animals already entrusted to the organization. Please support the New Sharon rescue efforts with your check (made out to “PALS- Rescue NS”)

We are, guided by our hearts and charged by our spirit to do this, to make the world better one damn paw at a time!

Team Captain

Jennifer Hirsch Jennifer Hirsch