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The students are going to Daytona Beach, Florida for Big Stuf's 2012 student conference.


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I've been a student pastor at LACC for just over 3 years now. The day to day ministry and community interactions HAVE to be the foundation. But, the once a year larger trip that we take is what fills their cups. The students come back catalyzed and ready to work for His kingdom. We have staggered our years; year 1= mission trip, year 2= retreat focused on depth and teaching, year 3= mission trip...and so on.

Big Stuf conference is going to be roughly $349 per student. Actually pricing for 2012 is not yet available. The school of thought I back with regards to fundraising has a few basic qualities: 1.) We want parents involved and active in our fundraising. Afterall, the more money the student makes, the less Mom or Dad have to scrape together. 2.) I believe students should be given opportunities to earn the money they're given. I am not against gifts. But, there is something valuable about a kid knowing he or she earned their way to this trip.

These trips really are life changing and are the "grout" that helps protect the foundation. Thanks!

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